Dirty Dancing, the original film and not the laughably abominable ABC remake, is about as classic as classic films get. Sure, it’s got a weird relationship between a young woman and an older dance instructor who’s more like a traveling gypsy than a “bonafide” boyfriend material dude, but let’s not concern ourselves with that.

The movie, despite its title, wasn’t about dancing, it was more about abortion, and that has everything to do with what happened to Penny.

The film, if you recall, was set in 1963, which is far from a coincidence. According to the Chicago Tribune, that’s the same year that the Society for Human Abortion was established in San Francisco. They caused an uproar all around the country when they challenged National law by freely offering up information on safe contraception and abortion for American women. Stopping yourself from carrying a baby to full term was pretty much a no-no back then.

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