There’s also Chip and Joanna Gaines’ hotel.

In October of 2019, Chip and Joanna announced they’re opening a hotel. They’ll be flipping a former county office building in Waco for the project. No big deal. They’re planning to be ready to accept guests in 2021 — the perfect place to stay if you’re planning a trip to The Silos. We’re guessing they already thought of that, though.

And don’t forget about all those kids!

Chip and Joanna have five kids — Drake, Ella, Duke, Emmie, and Crew. They’ve been talking of having more kids, too! “[Chip’s] like, ‘I just think we can keep having them,’” Joanna said on one occasion. “I think Chip just loves a full plate.” If anyone out there thinks Chip and Joanna don’t already have a full plate, they are sorely mistaken.

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