In an interview with Teen Vogue, Jenna spoke about how she approached the role of Ellie in You Season 2. “What I love about Ellie is I feel like she has the balls to say things I wouldn’t typically say. So for me, it was just like, all right, this is the time to let it all out,” she said. “I know so many people like Ellie. Most of us teens go through that angsty stage, so I just kind of played with that. It was really just a matter of spending more time with that version of myself.”

Who is Ellie (Jenna Ortega) in Season 2 of You?

(Heads up — minor spoilers for You Season 2 incoming!) Ellie is an ambitious teen who has dreams of becoming a filmmaker. And sure, plenty of teens want to make movies these days, but Ellie actually has the chops to back up her dreams. Throughout Season 2 of You, we see that Ellie is super observant and she isn’t afraid whatsoever of speaking out — even if she is unwittingly speaking out against a serial killer.

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