For this couple, the tradition has been uneven gift giving. The OP explains she and her husband have been together for ten years and married for eight. He goes “all out” for his family and friends when it comes to Christmas gifts, but she’s “always an afterthought.” For example, he got his Mom and sisters matching earrings with their birth stones in a custom setting, and he got his dad new fishing gear. He gave his friend a framed photo of the two of them fishing together. 

“The same year,” she writes, “he got me a controller for ‘our’ game console that I never play, and it usually gets used to add a third person to games when we have friends over.” She knows Christmas doesn’t have to be about material things. But, “the thing is,” she writes, “I’ve never even gotten a card. Or a special dinner. Nothing. But he gives a card to everybody in his whole family and lets me sign it.” 

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