They also filmed an unboxing of some of their baby shower gifts, but their next big update came in early December. After months of uncertainty, Alex and Les revealed that they had finally come to a conclusion about what to name their baby: Gael Gianni Galindo. The only thing left to vlog about was Baby G’s arrival.

On Dec. 20, the couple posted a “LABOR AND DELIVERY, BABY G” video, and they followed through on their promise to share the birth details right away.

In the video, the couple discussed their last-minute anxieties about parenthood and the birth room. They then filmed their hospital journey and discussed why Les was induced. She was in labor for more than a dozen hours, and her epidural had nearly worn off by the time she was ready to push. Leslie got sick from the changes in positioning ahead of the birth, which led her to be put on oxygen.

After more than a dozen hours of labor, Les and Alex welcomed Gael into the world on Dec. 16.   

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