According to multiple reports, Prince Philip has been dealing with a serious cold in recent weeks which, combined with his age, has the potential to become dangerous. He walked to the hospital and was not taken in an ambulance, which some are taking to be a good sign. 

He is expected to stay in the hospital for several days, but it will not affect Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas plans at Sandringham. She traveled to her estate there while Prince Philip was getting admitted to the hospital.

Prince Philip hasn’t made any public appearances for the palace alongside his wife for several months. He officially retired from his royal duties in 2017, and has not been spotted publicly since May of 2019. While Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas tradition is to attend a service at Sandringham, her husband has not joined her in doing so since 2017.

Though it appears that Prince Philip’s cold is under control now that it is being monitored by doctors, the royal has been dealing with some health concerns over the last few years. 

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