I love crying. It’s cathartic and necessary and rejuvenating. That being said, for much of my life, I wouldn’t have considered myself a “crier.” (That’s changing now that I’m getting older.) Throughout my life, there have only been a few things that automatically make me burst into tears. One of them is getting injured. If I hurt a part of my body, I don’t know why, but tears automatically spring forth from my eyes. I can’t help it. When I see athletes and other people get hurt and not cry, it feels like they have some sort of secret knowledge I don’t. For me, injuries always equal tears. 

Eric Alper recently asked the notorious non-criers of the internet to share those specific things that make them lose it. As a former non-crier, I can report that if you are a crier, the items in this thread might make your eyes leak at just the thought of them.

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