TLJ‘s “casino” plotline with Rose Tico and Finn, for example, was much maligned by many fans for either be too boring or not contributing to the plot. Others felt like Snoke’s quick demise in the film was a move that was purely pulled to subvert fan expectations and nothing else. However, for the same reasons that everyone else hated the film, others loved it and enjoyed how the fresh plot turned a lot of Star Wars tropes on their head.

It seems like the echoes of the fan response to The Last Jedi have influenced a lot of Rise of Skywalker reviews. Some have called the “retconning” of a lot of TLJ plot developments as a cowardly sort of fan service, while others believe that the film is better served by returning to the franchise’s “roots.”

As with any Star Wars film, however, there are going to be large groups of viewers who are ultimately left unsatisfied.

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