While the gang is on Passanna, Kylo Ren finds out about their location by using his and Rey’s special Force bond and rushes to the planet. Rey, Finn, et al. head to a ship to escape, but they’re not fast enough. Sensing that Kylo Ren is close, Rey walks out to confront him. Chewie follows her out but is then captured by the First Order, shackled, and put into a transporter.

As the transporter begins to take off, Rey uses the Force to start pulling it back down to the ground. Then Kylo Ren starts to use the Force and attempts to pull the transporter out of Rey’s grasp. The two are stuck in a Force-y tug of war for a few moments when suddenly, Force lightning explodes from Rey’s fingertips, shooting the transporter and causing it to explode. Rey is immediately overcome with guilt and sadness. She has killed Chewie.

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