At the time, the former Vine star said he was looking for a “silver lining” amid the drama. “It’s just that like after months of bad and after years of bad, honestly, in a lot of aspects of my life, I’m just kind of waiting for that to pick up,” he added.

“The Hype House” seems to have turned things around for Thomas, who also recently split from his girlfriend of five years, Kayla Pimentel. 

Beneath an emotional video announcing their breakup, the YouTuber wrote, “Kayla changed my life and I have nothing but love for her. Sometimes in life people come in and out of your life to change you for the better. I wouldn’t be who I am today without the time that we spent together and for that I’ll always be grateful.”

We’re happy to see Thomas moving on with the help of his TikTok bros. He recently teased, “Big things coming,” on Instagram, and we couldn’t be more ready!

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