Netflix announced new plans for another He-Man reboot. As loyal fans of the 80s/90s cult classic might recall, it’s only been a few months since Kevin Smith unveiled a similar project. 

The star producer’s version chronicles He-Man’s last-ever battle with Skeletor, while the new adaptation focuses on Prince Adam’s journey toward becoming He-Man. 

So, what should we know about the He-Man Netflix reboots? Which one is better?

Let’s start with Kevin Smith’s He-Man reboot on Netflix, shall we? 

The producer of Dogma, Chasing Amy, and the like took center stage at the 2019 Power-con to surprise the illustrious crowds with his latest news — a He-Man adaptation. 

Hailed by Gizmodo as every fan’s biggest dream, the series will offer an authentic, cleverly-researched, and adeptly-constructed spin on the original story, inviting us on a journey to discover what happened with He-Man and Skeletor since the ending of the 1983 TV show.

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