John Meyer and Judy Garland met in 1968.

In an interview with People, John Meyer said that he was 28 years old when he first met Judy Garland, who was 46 years old at the time. John, a pianist, played Judy a song he had written called “I Like to Hate Myself in the Morning and Raise a Little Hell Tonight.” “She liked the song and she liked me,” said John. “When our friend left the room, she pointed to herself and then to me and mouthed the phrase, ‘I’m with you.’ Just like that.”

At the time, Judy was struggling financially. “She was broke, literally had nothing but a five-dollar bill in her purse,” John said. Seeing her in such dire straits, he arranged for her to sing at a local club where he sometimes played. “I called the owner of a club and said, ‘I could get Judy Garland to sing for you for $100. Cash. And cab fare.’”

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