You might not have heard of Joey Batey yet, but this is about to change. 

The Newcastle-born, Cambridge-educated actor and comedian has recently landed one of his biggest roles to date, playing a trickster named Jaskier in the recently-released Netflix series, The Witcher. As the main character’s best friend and closest confidant, Joey/Jaskier gets the chance to crack a handful of jokes and make life seem more colorful if only temporarily. 

 Are you ready to find out more about Joey Batey, The Witcher’s best side character? 

So, what should we know about Joey Batey?  

The Witcher chronicles the adventures of Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), a lonesome, detached man who travels from town to town in the hope of making money by murdering monsters. 

The eight-episode-long series is set in a mysterious, magical land not unlike the world depicted by Game of Thrones, where royals are in perpetual war with each other and outsiders have little chance to survive. 

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