Of the people surveyed, 21 percent said they had signed up for Disney+. Using this stat, they determined that Disney+ had already acquired 24 million U.S. subscribers. However, they also found that 19.4 million were subscribers of both streaming platforms, which is about an 80 percent overlap. 

The study also determined that, of the Disney+ subscribers, 5.6 percent had canceled their Netflix right after getting a Disney+ subscription. 

But Netflix isn’t going under any time soon.

Netflix subscriptions have been rising steadily every quarter since the fourth quarter of 2011, except for a blip in the second quarter of 2019. In the first quarter of 2019, the site had 60.23 million U.S. subscribers. In the second quarter, they dropped to 60.1 million. By the third quarter, they were back up and totaled 60.62 million. 

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