Gambino and his adopted brother Tom Petty are not exactly from the south… more like southern California. Although not even Tawny knows where he came from. Five years ago, Gambino just showed up on their doorstep and hasn’t left since. 

“He just came to our house and decided we were gonna be his family,” Tawny told Today. And who could resist that adorable face and his charming southern greetings? 

Obviously, now that Gambino is internet famous, he is also the star of the household. “My husband tried to take him off the counter and I said, ‘He’s a celebrity now, he can do what he wants!’” Tawny said. “It’s sad he’ll never know how popular he is but I guess he’s gonna be humble about it.” Well, hi, Gambino! Welcome to the world of internet-famous cats.

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