“I’ve never seen the show. I don’t know what it is about,” the 50-year-old actor told Distractify. However, he has heard the rumors and was even confronted by a fan while riding on a float at the 2019 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. “This little kid screamed at me from the parade when I did the parade last week, on the float, asking me if I was the Leopard on The Masked Singer,” he explained. 

Adding, “I told him no and he didn’t believe me.” To drive the point home, the actor stated: “I’m telling you now, if you say it’s Billy Porter, you will lose ’cause it ain’t me! It’s not me.” 

While fans and the judges continue to theorize who could be donning the disguise, another popular guess is that singer Seal is actually the Leopard, or RuPaul. Either way, we can’t wait to find out who is behind the mask!

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