This is a movie that shouldn’t have been a good Bond flick: it was the first one that came out after Sean Connery departed from the franchise. The film’s lead, George Lazenby forged his acting resume to land the gig. He was an Australian model with zero film credits but somehow hoodwinked himself to play the lead. I guess everyone was scared enough to do an amazing job because it’s widely considered the best Bond movie of all time, and a lot of that has to do with Diana Rigg’s performance.

She’s one of the first Bond Girls with actual depth (a feat for a 1969 movie) and her and James ultimately get married in the film. Tragically, she’s killed by one of James’ enemies, and the scene when he holds her after she dies is probably one of the only really emotional moments in the entire series’ history. This and Casino Royale are the best Bond movies of all time, thanks to strong leading lady performances.

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