Before Beth’s death, Justin shared his support for the Chapmans by speaking out against internet trolls. “Cancer is no joke!” he wrote on May 26. “And anybody who thinks you can tease or mock or hurt someone going through it is not only disrespectful, but stupid af!”

He continued, “Lost my grandfather last year, and it [appalls] me to see family or fans come after my Aunt [Beth] at this time.”

After she died on June 26 at the age of 51, Justin once again warned haters to stay away. “If anyone wants to be negative, or make negative comments about my Aunt [Beth] passing, not only are you [soulless], but I’m still here to back her or the family! One troll, or millions! #ShowSomeRespect #OrIWont,” he commented.

The pop, R&B, and hip-hop artist also paid tribute to the mother of four: “When I was little, I dreamt of Disneyland & [Beth] gave me that dream! I dreamt of being somebody in this life, [Beth] gave me that! I dreamt of being a star and [Beth] gave me the front row! [Duane], I appreciate you both immensely! I wouldn’t be me, without you!”

We’re happy to see Justin back with the old gang. 

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