The God Friended Me cast has different theories about who “God” might be.

Suraj Sharma, the actor behind hacker Rakesh Singh, thinks it’s more likely that a group of people is running the account instead of just one individual. “Cause I come from a science and tech trying to understand the situation kind of place,” he explained of the reasoning behind his hypothesis.

As for Javicia Leslie, who plays Miles’ sister Ali, she believes that it could be someone tied to Arthur’s church, Harlem Episcopal. “I’m team ‘it’s a person’ and I’m team ‘it’s a person close to [Miles] that he doesn’t know about,'” she admitted in February. 

“I don’t know if we’ve met the person as an audience or not. Or maybe it’s a person we’ve looked at every Sunday.” Personally, we’re fans of the idea that someone in Miles’ immediate family is the secret account handler.

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