Fans of The Man in the High Castle initially thought that they were getting into a show that was solely based on a compelling premise: What would America look like shortly after World War II ended with a Nazi victory? At the center of the story is John Smith (Rufus Sewell), a traitor to his country who helped facilitate the Third Reich’s takeover of the United States.

The show’s universe evolved, however, and by the time it finished, it left a lot of people wanting its ending explained.

That “evolution” meant upping the ante on the whole “alternate timeline” thing by making the characters in the show conscious of it as well, meaning that there were different John Smiths (and Joe Blakes, Juliana Crains, Frank Frinks, and so on and so forth) existing in different timelines. John, if Nazi Germany hadn’t prevailed in World War II, for example, ended up living a simple life and becomes salesman of the year in a small town at a humble job.

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