That might have been the reason why Sponge on the Run was set for an August 2, 2019 debut. Something must’ve happened with that date, however, because the movie was pushed yet again to a much later date: July 31, 2020. Then, it was then moved up a couple of weeks to July 17 of the same year, and then moved up a few more weeks to May 22. That’s the official date (as of now) so if you marked any of the previous releases on your calendar, you may want to edit that bad boy now.

What’s the third SpongeBob movie about?

While Sponge out of Water blended live-action segments with 3D animation, Sponge on the Run, unlike the two films that precede it, is entirely comprised of CGI sequences. It’s being directed by Tim Hill, who is a former writer for the series. He collaborated with Michael Kvamme, Jonathan Aibel, and Glenn Berger to write the screenplay for it.

Financially speaking, making a third movie just made sense.

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