Sarah Shahi is Lucy Jane alongside Rochelle Aytes as Scarlett in “Cracker Jack,” while “Sugar Hill” features Patricia Wettig as Harper Cantrell and Timothy Busfield Logan Cantrell.

Melissa Leo, Ray McKinnon, Andy Mientus, and Katie Stevens all play the Meegers in “Two Doors Down,” while Holly Taylor plays Delilah “Dee” Covern in “Down from Dover” alongside Shane McGhie as Lincoln Dollarhyde.

“The songs that I’ve written, they’re the stories of my life,” Dolly says in the trailer. “Every triumph, every struggle, every smile, every sorrow — it’s the melody of my memories. It’s the sound of my heartstrings.”

Each episode will be an hour long, playing out the entire plot of the song within the episode. The episodes aren’t interconnected so much as standalone episodes, giving it a more heartfelt impact on watchers.

Binge-watch the whole series on Netflix starting Nov. 22.

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