She wasn’t able to reach him, and he only began responding to her phone calls a few hours later. Belinda Temple was apparently very frustrated at her husband, and she wasn’t sure why he was absent from work. She brought Evan home, and went back to work once her husband arrived. 

Though Evan was sick, David Temple said that he took his son out to do some errands later that afternoon, leaving his wife at home alone. Several hours later, she was dead. 

The Texas Love Triangle that turned the investigation on its head.

Upon first examination, the crime scene looked like a burglary gone wrong. The signs of forced entry led investigators to initially think that someone intended on robbing the house, but was interrupted by Belinda Temple’s unexpected presence. But authorities later began to suspect that the crime scene was staged. Nothing of value was missing from the home, and Belinda Temple was found in the master closet.

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