It’s my most dreaded time of the year again, the time we arbitrarily set our clocks back and watch as night falls in the afternoon instead of the evening until the calendars decide it’s time to change it all back sometime in the spring. 

I hardly want to even get into how much money America loses by engaging in this ridiculously outdated practice, which was supposedly invented to save energy — but whatever. The only desire I’ve really got is to move out to Arizona or Hawaii, states that don’t turn back their clocks, and come back home only once we have normal nighttime hours again.

Luckily for me, I’m very much not alone in this sentiment (thanks, Internet!). Whether you’re on my side, or inexplicably can’t wait to shorten your hours of daylight, scroll along for 15 Daylight Saving (it’s “saving” not “savings”) memes that are terribly relatable.

Daylight Saving Time memes that will make you laugh… or cry:

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