Trisha has previously admitted to struggling with addiction.

It isn’t really a secret that Trisha used to abuse substances. In June of 2014, she posted a selfie with the caption “2 years clean of hard drugs today @soberisexy,” alluding to a previous addiction. As recently as June, after her breakup with vlog squad member Jason Nash, she told ET Online that YouTube is currently her only method of coping with personal struggles.

“I used to do a bunch of pills and drugs, but I don’t do that anymore, so now I just do YouTube,” she said. “And that’s the only thing that gets me through. And Jesus, of course.”

Trisha notes this in her podcast, saying “I haven’t done any illicit drugs since my birthday — so May 8, so clean and sober — well, of drugs.”

KEEMSTAR also made a pass at Trisha’s drug usage, quote-tweeting her on a reply he received from someone recovering from meth addiction. 

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