A mother and two daughters reunite in the house in which they experienced a traumatic event. The visit ends up being worse than they could have ever imagined.

Paranormal investigators share the creepiest, freakiest, and scariests encounter they had ever witnessed.

The new owner of a house finds tapes of the previous owners being murdered. He starts doing some digging and realizes his family is now in serious danger.

After the death of an elderly woman, her family discovers that they have inherited evil traits that they then have to fight.

A classic slasher movie about a man who succumbs to a haunted hotel’s proclivity to send guests on murderous rampages.

A group of construction workers find cassette tapes in the abandoned asylum that they are rebuilding and quickly understand why no one has stepped foot in the building in 15 years.

A group of friends find an old book in a cabin they are staying in, and after reading it aloud, they awake an ancient demon that possesses and terrorizes the group.

Footage is found of a group of missing students who were last seen going into the woods to film a project on the Blair Witch

When the lead dancer of a company is replaced, she breaks down and accuses the company of performing witchcraft. Once the studio is studied closer, it seems the hysterical dancer might not be lying.

A group of friends get trapped in a cave where they are hunted by underground predators.

A masked serial killer resurfaces after decades of being dormant.

A group of sorority sisters are struggling for survival when a serial killer is searching for their sinister ending.

A classic possession movie that

Freddy Kruger is back and even scarier than the first installment of this series.

Jay has sex with her boyfriend for the first time, and instead of getting an STD, he gives her a curse that is trying to kill her.


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