Bombshell is quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s most anticipated films, gaining Oscar buzz and press over the portrayal of real life Fox News employees. 

The movie focuses on the women at Fox News, who ultimately accuse Roger Ailes of sexual harassment. Charlize Theron stars as Megyn Kelly, a journalist who worked at Fox News for 13 years. Then, she got her own show in the third hour of Today, which was later cancelled.

Nicole Kidman plays Gretchen Carlson, who hosted Fox & Friends and an eponymous show on Fox until 2016, when she then became the first woman to publicly accuse Roger Ailes of harassment. 

So, who is Margot Robbie portraying in Bombshell? Let’s break down her character, and see if she’s based on a real person like Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron’s characters.

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