An anti-technology family with nine kids screams the perfect concept for a television show, right? Welcome to Plathville  is TLC’s newest family show, with a whopping nine kids who grew up without owning a TV. The family’s conservative nature and strong religious ideals are giving off the impression that this show is TLC’s answer to 19 Kids & Counting, which was canceled in 2015.

The Plath family on TLC is unlike any other we’ve seen in a long time. Meet the Plath’s ahead of their new TLC series.

Meet the Plath family on TLC.

Barry and Kim Plath are the heads of the Plath family, who lives in rural southern Georgia. The two are the proud parents to Ethan (21), Hosanna (20), Micah (18), Moriah (17), Lydia (15), Isaac (13), Amber (10), Cassia (8), and Mercy (6), according to People

Ethan and Hosanna are both married. However, Hosanna will not appear on the show — she is currently on-tour with her husband, pursuing her music career.

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