Deemed as an “obscenely cruel and terminally dull” show by Vox, and an “equal opportunity train wreck” by Vulture, it would require some research to pin down one aspect of Insatiable that didn’t earn negative criticism. 

Chronicling the adventures of an adolescent who sheds weight after a traumatic injury forces her to stick to a liquid food diet, the show rubbed many viewers the wrong way. 

Can Henry, Insatiable Season 2‘s new character, change viewers’ minds? Can he save the show? 

Who is Insatiable‘s Henry Lee? He’s a new character for Season 2.

“Before I met Henry, I was a mess,” proclaims Patty Bladdel (Debby Ryan), the main character of the show in a strictly confidential conversation with her ride-or-die, Nonnie Thompson (Kimmy Shields).

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