Who is Keemstar in the ACE Family drama?

Daniel Keem aka Keemstar has a YouTube channel called DramaAlert where he breaks down YouTuber news and gossip. In Cole’s video, he claimed that Keemstar reached out to him after he tweeted about Austin McBroom’s “disgusting” behavior. Cole said it was clear that Keemstar was recording his side of the story, and that he was promised that a video about the alleged rape would be recorded and posted soon after.

Cole was disappointed when the date of the supposed video posting came and went, and nothing was shared. 

“He went ghost,” Cole said about Keemstar.

Cole reached out to Keemstar about why the video never went online, especially when fans were speculating about how Austin’s alleged rape would be uncovered in it. Cole posted their alleged conversation over Instagram Direct Message, and Keemstar said that he was paid $500,000 by the ACE Family not to post the video. 

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