Stay single until you find someone who doesn’t want to play games, someone who knows what they want. Someone who will tell you how they feel, someone who won’t be scared to be vulnerable with you. Someone who doesn’t use excuses about confusion and not wanting labels and ‘seeing where things go’, stay single until you find someone who knows what a beautiful, magical person you are, someone who knows an amazing thing when it’s in front of them. Someone who doesn’t want to risk losing you, someone who is certain from the beginning.

Stay single until it feels easy, simple, like breathing. Stay single until you don’t have to constantly remind someone how to be better or how to treat you right. Stay single until you find someone who knows exactly what you need before you have to ask, someone who understands your love language and will do their best to learn it, who is willing to make compromises, who wants to make sure you are both understood and appreciated. Stay single until you find someone who would do anything to make you feel loved and heard.

Stay single until you find someone who never fills your heart with doubt, someone who reminds you every day how special you are to them. Someone who knows that it’s the little things which mean the most – a ‘Good Morning, Beautiful’ text as you open your eyes in the morning just so you know you’re their first thought as soon as they wake. Someone who plans romantic date nights – even if it’s just a walk in the park whilst the air is still warm, simply so you can be together. So you can hear their voice and the way their laugh rumbles out of their chest. Just so you can feel their eyes on you. Someone who knows that all you really want is someone who is willing to make the effort, someone who wants to fit you into their busy schedule because a few moments with you is worth feeling tired the next day for, it is worth cab rides and long walks in the rain. It is worth a little bit of inconvenience just to see your face light up, to feel your body tangled around theirs as the sky turns dark.

Stay single until you find someone who makes even the most mundane moments feel like adventures, someone will dance with you in the kitchen at the end of a difficult day, someone who will bring you coffee when you’re tied up in deadlines and overwhelmed with stress. Someone who will listen to you talk about the same thing over and over, without telling you you’re being ‘overly-sensitive’ or ‘dramatic’, someone who feels like your problems are their problems, because you’re a team. Stay single until you find someone who never makes you feel as if you are “too much”, someone who doesn’t make you feel as if you are demanding and needy.

Stay single until you find someone who doesn’t run at the first sign of trouble, someone who doesn’t disappear after the first argument- no matter how big or small it might be. Find someone who won’t ignore you when things turn sour. Someone who will stay up late into the night with you to fix it and find a solution, someone who will never let you go to sleep feeling upset or worried about your future together. Stay single until you find someone who knows that disagreements are bound to happen but that what you have for each other is stronger than that. Someone who values you more than being right or “winning”.

Stay single until you find someone who just makes sense, who has only ever brought you peace and happiness. Someone who always makes you feel like a priority, someone who challenges you and pushes you, but accepts you as you are. Someone who wants the best for you, even when you don’t want that for yourself. Someone who loves the parts of you which are messy and confusing and a little chaotic, someone who loves the parts of you that others weren’t able to, someone who isn’t afraid of the parts you think are scary and dark and unlovable, someone who lets you be authentically you without ever fearing they’ll turn their back on you.

Stay single until love feels exactly like this.

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