What will Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable be about?

According to Bethany’s website, “Unstoppable takes the viewer on an incredible journey as a girl becomes a woman and a resilient athlete rises to the top of her game against all odds, becoming one of the leading professional surfers in the world. From chasing her toddler, to chasing the biggest waves, Bethany is continuously rewriting the rules by living an unstoppable life, and brings new meaning to the phrase ‘surfs like a girl.'”

By the looks of the bone-chilling trailer, viewers will get a look back at life before Bethany’s attack, the actual attack, and after. The film will seemingly pull old news clips, footage, and interviews, while also featuring present-day sit-downs with her loved ones.

When does Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable come out in theaters?

Get ready to ride the waves with Bethany on Friday, July 12. To be honest, it looks like this story is one you won’t want to miss this summer… 

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