How much does Joey Chestnut make a year?

As it turns out, you can make a pretty penny from being a competitive eater and when you’re as active as Joey Chestnut, it’s a really pretty penny. As of 2019, the man holds a reported net worth of $900,000, and that’s not counting unknown sponsorship deals and one-offs, so his actual net worth could be well into a million or millions.

As far as career earnings go, Chestnut does fairly well for himself. In 2014 alone, he made $230,000. Nathan’s pays $10k every July 4th, and he’s won that contest a whopping 11 times. In 2019, Chestnut has already made $16,500 from eating contests alone, but many believe the real money he gets, again, are from the companies that sponsor him to engorge himself at these events.

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