Is there a video of Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods?

Though according to some reports, the fight might well have been for nothing. The Sun claims that Tristan Thompson is trying to get Khloé back with him and even bought a house to prove his commitment. The 28-year-old athlete posted a birthday tribute to Khloé since the incident, and according to some sources, Khloé is indecisive on whether she should take him back. 

“Khloé is totally confused – Tristan has been begging her to get back together, and he posted that long gushing birthday message to her too,” a source told The Sun.

“He’s been asking her to sit down with him properly, have a heart to heart – but she’s refusing.”

“She wants to keep things civil for True’s sake, but she doesn’t want to risk falling for him again and getting her heart broken all over again.”

“He’s really keen to show her he’s changed, though – he’s even buying a big ‘family’ house near Khloé’s LA home so he can have True to stay more often, and saying he’d do anything to put things right. Khloé’s torn.” 

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