“They all have tough exteriors because that’s how they’ve learned to protect themselves, but when you get to know them you see how vulnerable they are and how they long for love and stability,” Jordana told Distractify of the teens featured on Girls Incarcerated. “More than anything I would say they are what you would expect from teenage girls – they are spirited, complicated, and totally unfiltered. They’ll have you laughing one minute, crying the next.” 

Like student Jesse Rose. 

In the very first episode of Season 2, viewers are introduced to 16-year-old Jesse Rose, who was three months away from her release. 

It was clear from the very beginning that she was not making friends among her fellow inmates. “Oh my god, Rose is probably my least favorite person in this entire facility,” one student said on the show before another added, “She has an attitude and is disrespectful.” 

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