The largest bedroom in the house is a sports-themed room that features fun camp-themed photos and memorabilia on the wall, as well as three double beds.

The famous lounge room, where the houseguests go to whisper and talk smack on each other, is themed as “camp B.B. on a lake,” so it includes a big boat to sit on. 

The bathroom is also set up like a lounge this year and it even has three sinks for the houseguests to share!

And in a season of firsts, there is now two ways for the houseguests to get upstairs to the lounge, which is now a treehouse, and of course the highly-popular HOH room. For the first time ever, there are two different staircases in the house!

To finish up the house tour, Julie ended in the HOH room, which is equipped with a full king size bed with a fun, colorful comforter, as well as a private bathroom, another place the houseguests like to go for private talks.

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