Ever since his son was admitted to the hospital, Erik has been sharing updates about the young musician’s progress on Twitter. 

“Today he is having another EEG test,” the father of three wrote on June 17. “His liver is improving, however his kidneys are declining. He will be doing dialysis today to help improve his kidneys and give him more time. So that is our prayers and fight today.”

On June 23, he revealed, “Jacob had a pretty good day today. Mostly restful but did have a dialysis treatment. He has had two good days in a row. He shed some tears and was blinking. [There] was a positive atmosphere today filled with stories, music, prayer, and laughter.”

But just hours before his son’s death, Erik reported, “needing extra faithful prayers tonight for Jacob. It has been a rough day and he needed CPR earlier. Currently under significant sedation and meds for vital stability.”

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