1. Instead of answering the door when someone knocks, I duck under windows.

2. Instead of answering the phone, I let it go to voicemail.

3. Instead of walking up to a cashier at the grocery store, I use the self-checkout.

4. Instead of raising my hand in class, I pretend to drink my water or look through my backpack to avoid getting called on.

5. Instead of riding the elevator along with strangers, I walk up a ridiculous amount of steps.

6. Instead of asking a worker for help finding a product, I walk around the store fifty times until I find it myself.

7. Instead of accepting party invitations, I come up with excuses about being busy.

8. Instead of ordering pizza over the phone, I find places that will let me order online.

9. Instead of choosing the better, center seats in theaters, I choose the aisle seat so it’s easier to escape (and so I’m only next to one person instead of two).

10. Instead of saying goodbye at parties, I sneak out the door when no one is looking.

11. Instead of contributing to group conversations, I stare at my phone.

12. Instead of sending the first text, I assume the other person doesn’t want to talk to me.

13. Instead of following through on plans, I freak out and cancel at the last second.

14. Instead of smiling at strangers, I avoid eye contact.

15. Instead of making appointments over the phone, I go way too long without a checkup.

16. Instead of accepting compliments, I find a way to deflect them.

17. Instead of going out and having fun on weekends, I spend my time moping alone in my room.

18. Instead of making small talk with strangers, I wear headphones or keep my head stuck in a book.

19. Instead of liking pictures and commenting on threads, I read everything without letting anyone know.

20. Instead of ordering what I really want at restaurants, I order the meal that involves the least amount of talking.

21. Instead of walking up to someone I know and saying hello, I will run the other way and hope they don’t see me.

22. Instead of answering an email right away, I will leave the notification in my inbox for a week.

23. Instead of answering a text right away, I will write and rewrite my reply ten times.

24. Instead of asking for what I need (whether it’s a raise from my boss or a bottle of ketchup from a waitress), I keep quiet and suffer instead.

25. Instead of asking people to hang out, I wait until they approach me to avoid rejection.

26. Instead of getting excited about what will happen tomorrow, I run through all of the worst case scenarios in my head.

27. Instead of agreeing to hang out with friends, I watch their stories on Snapchat and get jealous about not being there with them.

28. Instead of walking out of the house in whatever I’m wearing, I try on fifty different outfits before choosing one.

29. Instead of introducing myself to new people, I hide in the background.

30. Instead of enjoying the moment, I’m always wondering about what horrible thing is going to happen to me next. TC mark

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