Marvin Hajos, a 75-year-old from Florida, was so badly injured by the large flightless bird he kept as a pet that he died.

The bird in question is something of an internet legend, and yet another example of Australia’s vast collection of deadly animals.

In all seriousness, if life was an old-school Squaresoft RPG then Australia would be level-99 monster island, the hidden area where enemies even tougher than the game’s final boss reside for only the world’s most hardcore players.

The name of the bird? The mighty Cassowary. If you ever wanted to see a modern-day velociraptor, then look no further than the Cassowary. They’re extremely vicious, can run up to 31 miles per hour, and weigh anywhere from 55-129lbs. Their feet are decorated with 4-inch razor sharp talons, which they regularly sharpen against trees. Cassowaries have been observed to just tear up pieces of wood with their claws for seemingly no other reason than to keep them sharp.

Hajos must have known the dangers of owning such a pet, as it’s not like you can walk into any Petco and pick one from a cage. If you’re trying to get your hands on one of these to breed an unstoppable army of vicious killer birds, then you’ll need to import them from either New Guinera of North Eastern Australia. Otherwise, you’re turning to a Cassowary breeder who has got a few on hand for whatever reason.

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