A 29-year-old woman named He went to the Fooyin Hospital in Taiwan after experiencing some terrible pains in her eye. She thought it was an eye infection, but it wasn’t. It was bees.

I feel like there’s a cycle of terror that occurs with bees throughout one’s life. When I was a kid, they were the scariest thing in the world and a real problem I often thought about. The thought of getting stung out of nowhere while I’m just trying to learn to ride my bike in the backyard was something that kept me up at night.

But, after finally getting stung and realizing it isn’t that bad, my fear subsided. That is until I learned about killer bees. Bees that could kill you with a poison sting?! I knew I was right to fear them in the first place. Then I learned they’re not exactly as “killer” as their name implies, and they primarily lived in parts of the world I’d most likely never visit, so crisis averted.

Then I learned that one could develop allergies to bee stings later on in life and here I am, absolutely terrified with bees again.

This woman’s revolting story doesn’t help matters, either. When he walked into Fooyin Hospital, doctors initially thought her swollen eyelids were the symptoms of a gnarly infection.

As it turns out, however, there was no infection to speak of, but there was something gnarly going on: bees had lodged themselves into her eyes and started feeding on her tear ducts. I didn’t even know they were capable of such a disgusting move.

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