Then we’re shown an image of Kylo Ren fixing his helmet, a shot of Lando Calrissian (older now) laughing with Chewbecca on the Millennium Falcon, followed by a scene of Finn and Po bro-ing it up in the desert, BB-8 hanging with Dio, a new droid in the series, and Rey giving a hug to Leia in the ruins of what looks like a Death Star station.

The end of the trailer is what got a lot of fans talking, however. “No one’s really gone,” we hear Skywalker say. Then, that’s followed by a familiar sinister laugh, Emperor Palpatine’s croak reverberates to close out the trailer, suggesting Darth Sidious isn’t really dead after all.

And it’s more than a suggestion, Ian McDiarmid took the stage of the panel. Looks like he’s back in the movie, ladies and gentlemen.

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