Though rating for the show have reportedly dropped, the Browns still carry a large fan base. Youngest sibling Rain hinted at another season of the show on her latest Instagram post

The teenage Brown posted a picture of snow molded in the shape of a heart. She captioned the pretty pic, “Life is about purpose. Change. Chance. Love. Hard work. And most of all, God. I’m so grateful that I get to spend my life with my incredible family in the bush of a beautiful state. I never thought I would feel like I do now again. I thought my happiness was over, little did I know it was only beginning. With a full heart and tears in my eyes, I want to say, Thank you. thank you for allowing me to thrive and be myself, and most of all thank you for supporting my family’s hard work all these years.”

She continued: “I can’t wait to share more of our lives with you.”  

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