“No matter what, if you’re creating drama that has a lot of heart behind it and a lot of feeling and a lot of passion, there’s always going to be people who feel certain ways about it and feel passionate about it in either sense, both positively and negatively,” Jennifer said of the controversy. 

“I think us talking to each other about things, and especially things like that, that are very difficult and very sensitive — I think the more we can talk about it to each other and talk about it with honesty and openness and understanding and without anybody jumping to conclusions and judgments and things, that can only be a positive thing,” she added.

Though backstreet abortion is a heavy topic to cover, series creator Heidi Thomas notes that it was a reality many women faced in the early ‘60s. 

“The series itself is full of hope and optimism, but underneath it all pulses a dread that tormented too many women at that time,” she explained in an interview with BBC. “It’s an emotional story, but it is also full of anger, and tenderness, and a thirst for change.”

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