A new mom is getting roasted online yet again for putting photos up of the “name boards” that she created before giving birth to her children.

And there’s a part of me that finds it difficult to get on someone’s case, especially a parent’s, for wanting to name their kid something a little out of the ordinary. You want such remarkable things for your children. You want them to lead remarkable lives.

So you get to thinking that maybe if you give them remarkable names, you’ll give them a headstart in life, because they’re going to emerge from your glorious womb with an even more glorious moniker that’ll set them up for greatness and it’s all because you took the hallowed ceremony of attributing your seed a name seriously, like the loving mother you are.

But what if the names you selected are pretty darn roast-worthy?

Obviously, everyone’s got their own opinions as to what constitutes a “great” name and what doesn’t. But there seems to be an overwhelming number of people on Twitter who can’t get over the name selections this one mom conjured up for not one but two of her children.

Let’s take a look at her first baby and what she had on the agenda: Taylee. McKarty. Nayvie. Maylee. Lakynn.

I know some people will think I’m the last dude to comment on someone’s name: my first name is the butt of a You Don’t Mess With the Zohan joke and my last name is the bane of telemarketers everywhere.

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