Isted explained that she travels every six weeks on average, and that she always tries to get a first class upgrade using miles or persuasion: “If I’m booked in economy, I will always try to upgrade if there’s scope to do so.” 

However, when the couple travels with their two kids, aged three and nine, Isted says she upgrades alone, as the kids are too young to appreciate first class. 

“I never personally experienced business or first until I was presenting a wine TV shows in my 20s,” she said. Adding that people shouldn’t travel first class until they “appreciate and understand the value of money and hard work.” 

“I believe that instilling gratitude and a work ethic into your children is crucial as a parent,” she added. 

Isted told INSIDER that she spends the flight “drafting content, scheduling content, and researching and preparing scripts.” 

“Obviously if my husband and I are on our own without the kids we would both try to get an upgrade, however if it’s the four of us, I need to concentrate as I may be working the entire flight, so it’s much easier to get everything planned if I have the time to focus,” she added. 

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