There are plenty of odd fashion trends out there, whether it’s tiny hands and feet manicures, or these weird “asymmetrical jeans” that recently went viral. And some times, these odd trends pass on to our furry friends.  In a trend that appears to have originated in Maha Sarakham, Thailand, people are cutting their cat’s hair to make them look like dinosaurs.  

In a video that appears to be the origin of the trend, a cat has had its sides shaved and ridges carved along its spine to make it appear like a stegosaurus. “I’m the owner of a pet shop and groomers, this is one of the most fashionable cat hair styles,” the video’s poster wrote on YouTube. 

The trend since seems to have made it to the United States, with one groomer writing: “This is a TBT Dino cut I did awhile back in my AJ salon. Jax belongs to the salon manager, he is a good boy to groom.” 

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