Steve is a man with a unique conundrum: he’s being told the way he and his wife sleep in bed is wrong, and he can’t find a single person who can logically explain why.

Human beings are peculiar creatures. We get into heated debates about which time-wasting mediums are superior and which fitness and diet regimens yield the best results, not for actual physical usefulness but, in many cases, for Instagram likes.

At our cores, we’re mostly creatures of habit, at the end of the day. And we almost always revert back to the choices and decisions we’re familiar with, even if they don’t necessarily make us happy.

Maybe we stay in a relationship or a job because it’s convenient, maybe we never really stray far from our comfort zone because it takes too much “mental capacity” to confront the unknown.

Maybe we never switch our side of the bed with our spouse or significant other because it’ll force us to view our relationships from an entirely different angle, which might be just too much for us to handle.

Steve, however, doesn’t have that issue.

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