A comment from Meghan McCain in response to a drag on Twitter has launched everyone’s favorite new meme: “You were at my wedding, Denise.”

If you have been on a Twitter diet for the past couple days, you might have missed the insult that launched the instantly quotable retort from the 34-year-old The View host. Here’s a brief explainer on how this clapback came to be, plus the best memes spawned from the hilarious interaction.

D.C. McAllister tweets a pointed barb about The View and its hosts.

On March 25, Denise C. McAllister, a contributor to conservative outlets like The Federalist, Real Clear Politics, and Fox News, tweeted out a link to a story about The View — and, more specifically, Meghan’s role as the conservative voice on the panel — posted to a pro-Trump commentary site called ILoveMyFreedom.org.

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