Contestants have to complete this challenging course while a world-class athlete, whose goal is to stop them from winning the $1 million, attempts to beat them to the finish line. Obstacles include the “Bamboo Forest,” a 75-foot-long field of spring-mounted poles, “Spiraling Up,” a 40-foot climb to the top of a circular staircase followed by a huge leap to the ground, as well as “Flies on the Wall,” “Momentum” and a “Deep Water Solo.”

Competitors may choose to tackle any obstacle in any order, but “to win the million dollars,” commentator Matt “Money” Smith explains, “they must complete all five and exit the course by scaling up the side of a 15-story building and zip-line back to the stage where the final million dollar challenge awaits.” All of that before the professional athlete who’s chasing them the whole time manages to finishes the course, no big deal.

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