“But none of the male passengers seemed to show they noticed what was going on,” commented Joanna. “Maybe fellow women are more likely to pick up on warning signs early on in the conversation because we used to be teenage girls too?” 

If you’re a guy reading this, it’d be super cool if you could observe and question the ways you see other men acting toward women. Even if you end up being wrong and embarrassed for a fraction of a second, your action is appreciated. And if you’re female-identified, *sigh* it’s important we have each other’s backs and stand up for one another.

Because this kind of thing happens on planes way more often than you’d think. “The first time I traveled without my parents, the man next to me spoke with me most of the flight,” Joanna shares, “which made me feel adult and important, and he said things like I must be flirting because I was touching the zipper on my jacket. To his credit, he stopped and later looked ashamed.”

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